Friday, July 21, 2006

Breaking news: Mungo's recovery

Mungo was rushed to toy hospital on Wednesday evening where it was discovered he was suffering from some cranial bruising and a mild concussion. After a day's rest, Mungo was discharged from hospital and has made a full recovery.
"I don't remember anything," Mungo told the press today, with his characteristic cheeky charm and classic good looks. "I went up to Iseult's office to up date my blog and I remember hearing a noise at the door but before I had time to turn around everything went black."
Dr Michael Nobblester, Mungo's physician, gave Mungo a clean bill of health when he discharged him from hospital earlier this morning.
"It is a pleasure to have a patient like Mungo, he lights up the ward." Dr Nobblester told the press. "This is why I became a doctor - to treat toys like Mungo, of course there are no other toys like Mungo." Dr Nobblester adds with a laugh. "Mungo's excellent health and superior healing powers meant he recovered quickly from what could have been a serious injury."
"I'm going to put the whole thing behind me and get back to writing." Mungo bravely told the press this morning. "When you are as talented as I am, you are bound to have enemies, but you can't live your life in fear."
Detective Bobby of the Tardai is still gathering information about Wednesday's accident in an effort to discover the perpetrator.


Mango said...

I'm so relieved! I was so worried, though Tottie told me it was all a k=joke! Maybe she jsut wanted me to feel better!

Mango said...

I'm so relieved! I was so worried, though Tottie told me it was all a joke! Maybe she just wanted me to feel better!