Sunday, July 30, 2006

The Suspects

The question on everyone's lips - Who shot Mungo?
The Suspects are:
Inkpot - nobbling the favourite for this year's Nodpot of the Year Award. Inkpot has won this prestigious honour for two years on the trot and is undoubtedly looking for a hat trick - but how far would she go?
VT - for years a less than diligant nodpot, will she be able to bear to see Mungo deprive her of her best shot at the trophy in years? She claims an alibi at the time - of being seen in Dublin at the exact moment of the shooting.
Marvin - Mungo's rapid writing successes may put the chairtoy's monkey nose out as joint as our insouciant charmer - unlike the above two grovellors - goes his way, and seeks no advice from the self-proclaimed publishing guru.
Bobby - Theotokos has been crime-free for years - Is Bobby feeling redundant?
Miss Monkey - driven to violence by the green eyed monster?
Mungo - cheap publicity stunt, as some evil people suggested! Ridiculous! Insulting to sugegst such thing!

We hope that soon the true story will be told, and the culprit taken into custody. THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE - WE WANT TO LEARN IT!

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Anonymous said...

I think the cuplrit is THE CHOCOLATE MONSTER - who has been stalking Mungo for some time now (see his blog!)