Tuesday, October 31, 2006


November is going to be a really GREAT month!

Mungo - the most wonderful monkey and writer on earth and my hero! - is going to write a book during November called "Mango - the Unlucky Monkey". It's a sequel to his brilliant first novel, Leaf, and I'm going to be in it as well!

I'm not sure if Tottie will be - but Mummy is going to write one for her called "Tottie - the demon rabbit slayer!"

The only thing is - I'm not sure if Tottie is the demon rabbit who slays - or if she will slay demon rabbits?


TCM said...

i cant wait to read them both - they sound brill

Inkpot said...

I think Mungo wants to steal the idea for Tottie the Demon Rabbit slayer. Better tell Valerie to watch out!