Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Happy Birthday, Pamela!

A very happy birthday to Auntie Pamela, today!

Today she comes of age!

I hope she has a great day! Though the big party is Saturday!

Mungo thinks she's great! She's one of his favourite people! He's always saying so!

Monday, December 04, 2006

I'm Back!

Yes, everyone I'm back!

No, we were not abducted by aliens, turned into fodder for a freak show, nor for sale on ebay! (As if anyone could afford me, let alone Mungo!)

This is a very important time of the year - it's the voting time for DNOTY! (Disresponsible Nodpot of the Year).

A very important message from Vin Diesel follows:

Vin says: "I'm voting for Mungo - are you?"

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Where is Mango?

Mango went to Blackrock recently to visit Mungo. She was accompanied by her best friend, Tottie.

Now Mango, Tottie, Mungo and Miss Monkey are missing.

Iseult, who was in loco parentis to Mango and Tottie, denies any knowledge of their whereabouts.

A police investigation is about to begin.

If you have seen any of these missing toys, please let me (or Bobby) know!

Friday, November 17, 2006


Mango is due back next week, and will update her blog on a regular basis thereafter.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

A Poem

By Tottie.

She wrote it for Mummy.

It's titled:
To Mummy

What will I do
About Assignment Two?
I feel blue
And in a stew
About Assignment Two!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006


A cold house stifles the muse - no heat, no poetry!

So keep the heat on all day and all night, tcm!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Sunday November 5th

Visiting Blackrock today. It's a very special occasion - Geri Valentine's birthday! I don't know how old she is, she looks very young to be Mummy's mother (though Tottie says that she is WAY older than Mungo, who is 17!)

Haven't seen Mungo yet :(

He must be very busy, working on Mango - the fabulous sequel to his brilliant fist novel Leaf!

I think Mungo should be Disresponsible Nodpot of the Year 2006 - don't you?

Friday, November 03, 2006


Don't forget to vote for Mungo for Disresponsible Nodpot of the Year.

He really deserves it!

If you've read Leaf, you will know it's the best book ever written (so far!).

If you know Mungo, you know he should win the Nodpot Cup this year!

So Vote for Mungo!

Tuesday, October 31, 2006


November is going to be a really GREAT month!

Mungo - the most wonderful monkey and writer on earth and my hero! - is going to write a book during November called "Mango - the Unlucky Monkey". It's a sequel to his brilliant first novel, Leaf, and I'm going to be in it as well!

I'm not sure if Tottie will be - but Mummy is going to write one for her called "Tottie - the demon rabbit slayer!"

The only thing is - I'm not sure if Tottie is the demon rabbit who slays - or if she will slay demon rabbits?

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Snuggles is voting for Mungo:

Snuggles says : "I'm voting for Mungo - are you?"

"He's written the best book ever. The author of 'Leaf' deserves to win Nodpot of the Year"

Monday, October 23, 2006

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Nodpot of the Year 2006

There can be only ONE winner - MUNGO!!!

Vote for Mungo for Disresponsible Nodpot of the Year 2006!

I AM!!

Friday, October 20, 2006

Vote for Mungo!

Don't forget to vote for Mungo!

How many times do I have to tell you!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

I'm Back!

Yes, I'm back!

And I'm going to vote for Mungo for Disresponsible Nodpot of 2006!

I think you should do the same!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Mango is away BUT

She asked me to post this:

At the moment, both Mango and Tottie are campaigning in Blackrock, but I believe they should be back next week to work on Mungo's campaign in Dublin!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Where is Mungo?

I can't wait until Friday when I will see Mungo again, cos I've missed him so much since I came back to Dublin last week.

What's even worse, is that he isn't updating his blog frequently any more! At least in the past, I could turn to his blog for consolation, inspiration & his charming company. I re-read all the archives every day but I wish he's post new stuff so I know he's okay.

Please, Mungo, update your blog - not just for me, but for Tottie, The Choccie Monster and all your numerous fans who really miss you!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Our First My Birthday!

Our (Tottie and mine) First My Birthday is coming up this friday and we're both really excited!

I'm not quite sure what it is, 'cos I haven't had one before, but it sounds very exciting and great fun!

Best of all, I'll be home once more to see my hero!!!

Can't wait!!!!

Friday, September 22, 2006

A Lovely Surprise!

Last night we had a lovely surprise - Mummy Iseult arrived out in the house in Churchtown for an unexpected visit! She had been busy with Mummy Valerie making contact with people in Trinity - and though her fingers were sore, at least they were not sticky!

We stayed up late and watched lots of Arrested Development - it was great fun! Then we went into battle against the arachnids - Mummy, Tottie, me, and also Squidgey - cos we all stayed with Mummy in her spider-infested cobweb-festooned room! It was yucky! I don't think any of us got much sleep - and Tottie (the fight is personal for her) had very grubby paws this morning!

I was really sad to see Mummy Iseult leave without us this morning - I really wanted to go home to see Mungo, but Mummy said it was better to wait until our first My birthday next weekend.

I hope we get lots of pressies!

Mungo, we really miss you - and can't wait to see you next week! XXXX

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Still cross

I'm still very cross with Tottie for her cruel and thoughtless and infantile and immature and ... and words fail me!

Mungo was so upset...

I am talking to her again, but she needs to make it up to Mungo!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I can hear again!!

Good news, everyone - my ears have grown back very speedily!!

For Mungo's eyes only:

I'm sorry, Mungo - it was only a little joke - I didn't mean to upset you! Please forgive!!! (I think Mango is going to really pull them off tonight, she's so cross with me!)

A Dark Cloud Hangs Over Churchtown...

Hi, everyone, Tottie here.

Mungo, I had to do it! You stayed at home and I came back to Dublin without you - I was so sad!!!

And now Mango has run away - what do I do now????

Monday, September 18, 2006

Yes, I'm back!

Today I returned to Dublin with Mummy Valerie after a lovely long holiday with Mummy Iseult! I got to spend weeks and weeks with Mungo my hero, and Tottie, my best friend.

It was really wonderful!

I'm sad today though because Tottie, my best friend, isn't talking to me.

She says it 's all my fault Mungo isn't in Dublin with us. I suppose she's right...

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Mango will return!

Good news - Mango will return next week.
Anon here, updating you on her current position. She is still on holidays (lucky thing!) with Mungo, Tottie and a few others, but assuming she can tear herself away from that handsome white monkey, she will be back in Dublin to take up once more the reigns of her blog. Until then, please bear patiently with her...

Monday, August 28, 2006


Hello everyone, Marvin here. I know I have posted on this blog before, but it has always been under Iseult's name, so it is nice to have my own account for a change. Mango and Tottie are staying with Iseult at the moment while Valerie is away having a well deserved holiday. Unfortunately, Mango and Tottie are keeping Mungo from his work and won't even let him up date his blog (sorry Choccie Monster, if you are reading this). Otherwise things are going well. Best wishes. Marvie

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

We're back!

Hello Auntie P!
Yes, Tottie, Mal and I made it to Donegal - it was touch and go, though! Mummy Valerie nearly didn't make it - and we didn't want to go without her (well, Tottie was prepared to!).
We had a great time - and we're still on holidays, this time in Blackrock! We're all staying with Mummy Iseult for a few weeks, so I won't be able to update my blog too often.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Slow packer...

I've been looking forward to our holiday for AGES, but Mummy Valerie is such a slow packer, I think she'll still be packing here in Dublin next Tuesday and Mungo and the others will eb awawy without me or Tottie or Mal! :(

in the meantime, here is another photo to show you, taken by kind Auntie Pamela:

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Special Visitor

We have a special visitor in Dublin - he's the handsome captain of a space ship. I think his ship has been stolen, and he and his crew of Jayne, Wash and Zoe are resting up in Blackrock.
This is Mal:

Great Fun

I had a great weekend at home this bank holiday! Mungo and me and Tottie, and Mal and Nobbles and Marvin played lots and lots of a brilliant game all night, called ********* ** ****** (can't reveal the real name). Mungo and me were partners, and the best partners too - our weapons dripped with the blood of our enemies! Can't wait for Donegal and lots more fighting with Mungo! (Together with Mungo!)

Friday, August 04, 2006

Poetry is easy!

Dusty rhymes with lots of words - musty, fusty, gusty - it will be easy to write poetry on hols! I can do some now:

Going to visit Dusty
Mango is Gung Ho
Hope it ain't too gusty
For wonderful Mungo!

Holidays are coming...

Holidays are coming, holidays are coming... Me and Mungo and Tottie, and Marvin and Parsley and a few more, ooh and Mummies Iseult and Valerie - we're all going on summer holidays tomorrow week! I'm really looking forward to it - a whole week with my hero and my best friend and a few other friends (and Janna too, of course!). It's going to be great!

I wonder if Mungo will want to do writing? If he does, I'll write some poetry!

Can't wait!


Red face & fur all round! Sorrrrrrrrryy to all my readers - but it's fixed now! You can all comment once again!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Nobody reads my blog anymore

Now that the initial excitment is over, no one bothers any more (come back, spammer!). But who cares? I'm going on hols with Mungo next week! And with Tottie and a few others - off to the wierd and wonderful world of Dusty!
Hope he's not too musty and dirty!

Sunday, July 30, 2006

The Suspects

The question on everyone's lips - Who shot Mungo?
The Suspects are:
Inkpot - nobbling the favourite for this year's Nodpot of the Year Award. Inkpot has won this prestigious honour for two years on the trot and is undoubtedly looking for a hat trick - but how far would she go?
VT - for years a less than diligant nodpot, will she be able to bear to see Mungo deprive her of her best shot at the trophy in years? She claims an alibi at the time - of being seen in Dublin at the exact moment of the shooting.
Marvin - Mungo's rapid writing successes may put the chairtoy's monkey nose out as joint as our insouciant charmer - unlike the above two grovellors - goes his way, and seeks no advice from the self-proclaimed publishing guru.
Bobby - Theotokos has been crime-free for years - Is Bobby feeling redundant?
Miss Monkey - driven to violence by the green eyed monster?
Mungo - cheap publicity stunt, as some evil people suggested! Ridiculous! Insulting to sugegst such thing!

We hope that soon the true story will be told, and the culprit taken into custody. THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE - WE WANT TO LEARN IT!

Great news, everybody!

Mungo has made a full recovery! His powers of recuperation are as wonderful as his writing, and he is now back to his normal monkey self!
I was very worried for a while - monkey frantic, in fact! - but thankfully we can all relax a bit now that he's better.
The only question is - who shot Mungo? His assailant is still at large, and he needs protection. PC Bobby seems to be moving very slowly in the matter, for there are no arrests as of yet.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Breaking news: Mungo's recovery

Mungo was rushed to toy hospital on Wednesday evening where it was discovered he was suffering from some cranial bruising and a mild concussion. After a day's rest, Mungo was discharged from hospital and has made a full recovery.
"I don't remember anything," Mungo told the press today, with his characteristic cheeky charm and classic good looks. "I went up to Iseult's office to up date my blog and I remember hearing a noise at the door but before I had time to turn around everything went black."
Dr Michael Nobblester, Mungo's physician, gave Mungo a clean bill of health when he discharged him from hospital earlier this morning.
"It is a pleasure to have a patient like Mungo, he lights up the ward." Dr Nobblester told the press. "This is why I became a doctor - to treat toys like Mungo, of course there are no other toys like Mungo." Dr Nobblester adds with a laugh. "Mungo's excellent health and superior healing powers meant he recovered quickly from what could have been a serious injury."
"I'm going to put the whole thing behind me and get back to writing." Mungo bravely told the press this morning. "When you are as talented as I am, you are bound to have enemies, but you can't live your life in fear."
Detective Bobby of the Tardai is still gathering information about Wednesday's accident in an effort to discover the perpetrator.

To add to the fun

Just to make me feel even better, my blog has been spammed! So all those nice comments admiring my colour scheme and the helpful links to pharmaceutical sites to get banned substances were fake!
Hey - could the Mungo photo be spam too? And now on thousands of blogs across the world????

Too upset to write anymore...

I know it's a publicity stunt really, and Mungo is only pretending, but I can't bear to look at this picture! I'm too sad and depressed now to do anything...

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Who shot Mungo?

BREAKING NEWS: Shortly after lunch time today a shot was heard from the upper regions of the house followed by screaming. Upon investigation, Mungo was found in Iseult's office, lying next to a gun. He was rushed to the Toy Hospital, but has not yet regained conciousness. Whether this was an attack or self inflicted has yet to be discovered. Friends of Mungo claim that the shooting was inspired by jealousy of Mungo's enormous talent.

'He has a lot of enemies.' One Ballinteer housewife claimed. 'When you are as handsome, talented, judging and creative as Mungo, you are bound to have people who want to shoot you.'

Reported by Marvin

Dublin News

The house is going to be very quiet for the next few days. The two noisy skinny ones are going home. Leppie took Parm home in the Leopard (watch out dogs! He had a hungry look about him), and Madeline is following at a safe distance (of 12 to 15 hours). Is that far enough - what do you think?

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Hi there Parsley!

Hi Parsley!
I hope Iseult sorts out your email setup so that you can post here soon!
Hope you're having fun in the village! (Hee! Hee!)

Thank you, Marvie

Thank you, Marvin for posting on my blog! I hope you will continue to post often. You are lucky enough to live in Theotokos with Mungo - you can fill us Dublin toys in on how he is and what he's doing (when he doesn't have time himself). We'd also love to hear about you, and Parsley, and Sparkie and all the toys at home. So please keeping posting here!

Monday, July 17, 2006


I don't know why is says I am inkpot!, I am Marvin

Marvie speaks

Hello All. Mango very kindly invited me to join her blog as a team member, so I accepted. It is beautiful weather here in Blackrock and all the toys are enjoying the coolness of Iseult's room. I am looking forward to going on holidays in a few weeks time. I haven't been on holidays for a while, so it will be nice and I hope the weather stays fine. I'm new to this blogging sort of thing, so if you have any tips, let me know!

Membership Rules!

I think the following rules are the most important when it comes to joining the Disresponsible Nodpots:
1. Recognising Mungo's brilliance
2. Fav book must be Leaf
3. Being an enthusiastic toy, preferably a monkey, who has written extensively and admiringly about Mungo
4. Being an active nodpot with at least one poem to her credit
5. Have Mungo's total approval for membership Therefore I think I qualify totally, and I hope to become a member at Christmas (in time for the vote)!

Excitment mounts!

We are all very excited here! The holiday list has been finalised and the lucky winners are ...
And some others...
There's lots of disappointment among the other toys but Tottie and me are thrilled to pieces!

We're all going on Summer Holidays!

We're all going on a summer holiday - no more blogging for a day or two! This time four weeks we'll be battling the wilds of the northern lands, fighting monsters and having fun!
Hope you're coming too, Jayne - I like to box - do you?

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Does Sparkie sparkle?

Sparkie, why do you not want me to join? What have you got against me? Did I annoy you? I'm really sorry!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Warning to Mango

Don't do it! Mango, dont start a blog - your chances of getting int othe DNs will be ruined! Give it up now!

Hi Mango!

I know I'm not a toy - but you did invite me to post! Oh - it was just a test? Well it works! Good work!

Calling all toys!

I want to see all the toys get together and have fun on my blog! I'm going to make a membership club for thsi blog that we call all share and log all our thoughts, especially those about Mungo! I'm also going to keep you posted on all the doings in this house, and what Tottie and myself and all our friends get up to! I want a website with lots of poems about Mungo on it, and lots of photos of him, and tributes to him - so come on, toys of the world! Get posting!

Mango's Hero!

My hero is Mungo! He is the greatest, most wonderful toy that ever lived! ♥♥♥
Here is a picture of him - isn't he handsome?

Who is Tottie?

Tottie is my best friend. She is a giant rabbit! This is her photo!

Me again!

Oops - that wasn't great!
This is a better photo of me! (Tottie took it!)

It's Me!

Hi! It's me, yes, Mungo, it's really me - Mango!
At last I have my own blog!
This is a picture of me!