Sunday, July 30, 2006

The Suspects

The question on everyone's lips - Who shot Mungo?
The Suspects are:
Inkpot - nobbling the favourite for this year's Nodpot of the Year Award. Inkpot has won this prestigious honour for two years on the trot and is undoubtedly looking for a hat trick - but how far would she go?
VT - for years a less than diligant nodpot, will she be able to bear to see Mungo deprive her of her best shot at the trophy in years? She claims an alibi at the time - of being seen in Dublin at the exact moment of the shooting.
Marvin - Mungo's rapid writing successes may put the chairtoy's monkey nose out as joint as our insouciant charmer - unlike the above two grovellors - goes his way, and seeks no advice from the self-proclaimed publishing guru.
Bobby - Theotokos has been crime-free for years - Is Bobby feeling redundant?
Miss Monkey - driven to violence by the green eyed monster?
Mungo - cheap publicity stunt, as some evil people suggested! Ridiculous! Insulting to sugegst such thing!

We hope that soon the true story will be told, and the culprit taken into custody. THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE - WE WANT TO LEARN IT!

Great news, everybody!

Mungo has made a full recovery! His powers of recuperation are as wonderful as his writing, and he is now back to his normal monkey self!
I was very worried for a while - monkey frantic, in fact! - but thankfully we can all relax a bit now that he's better.
The only question is - who shot Mungo? His assailant is still at large, and he needs protection. PC Bobby seems to be moving very slowly in the matter, for there are no arrests as of yet.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Breaking news: Mungo's recovery

Mungo was rushed to toy hospital on Wednesday evening where it was discovered he was suffering from some cranial bruising and a mild concussion. After a day's rest, Mungo was discharged from hospital and has made a full recovery.
"I don't remember anything," Mungo told the press today, with his characteristic cheeky charm and classic good looks. "I went up to Iseult's office to up date my blog and I remember hearing a noise at the door but before I had time to turn around everything went black."
Dr Michael Nobblester, Mungo's physician, gave Mungo a clean bill of health when he discharged him from hospital earlier this morning.
"It is a pleasure to have a patient like Mungo, he lights up the ward." Dr Nobblester told the press. "This is why I became a doctor - to treat toys like Mungo, of course there are no other toys like Mungo." Dr Nobblester adds with a laugh. "Mungo's excellent health and superior healing powers meant he recovered quickly from what could have been a serious injury."
"I'm going to put the whole thing behind me and get back to writing." Mungo bravely told the press this morning. "When you are as talented as I am, you are bound to have enemies, but you can't live your life in fear."
Detective Bobby of the Tardai is still gathering information about Wednesday's accident in an effort to discover the perpetrator.

To add to the fun

Just to make me feel even better, my blog has been spammed! So all those nice comments admiring my colour scheme and the helpful links to pharmaceutical sites to get banned substances were fake!
Hey - could the Mungo photo be spam too? And now on thousands of blogs across the world????

Too upset to write anymore...

I know it's a publicity stunt really, and Mungo is only pretending, but I can't bear to look at this picture! I'm too sad and depressed now to do anything...

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Who shot Mungo?

BREAKING NEWS: Shortly after lunch time today a shot was heard from the upper regions of the house followed by screaming. Upon investigation, Mungo was found in Iseult's office, lying next to a gun. He was rushed to the Toy Hospital, but has not yet regained conciousness. Whether this was an attack or self inflicted has yet to be discovered. Friends of Mungo claim that the shooting was inspired by jealousy of Mungo's enormous talent.

'He has a lot of enemies.' One Ballinteer housewife claimed. 'When you are as handsome, talented, judging and creative as Mungo, you are bound to have people who want to shoot you.'

Reported by Marvin

Dublin News

The house is going to be very quiet for the next few days. The two noisy skinny ones are going home. Leppie took Parm home in the Leopard (watch out dogs! He had a hungry look about him), and Madeline is following at a safe distance (of 12 to 15 hours). Is that far enough - what do you think?

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Hi there Parsley!

Hi Parsley!
I hope Iseult sorts out your email setup so that you can post here soon!
Hope you're having fun in the village! (Hee! Hee!)

Thank you, Marvie

Thank you, Marvin for posting on my blog! I hope you will continue to post often. You are lucky enough to live in Theotokos with Mungo - you can fill us Dublin toys in on how he is and what he's doing (when he doesn't have time himself). We'd also love to hear about you, and Parsley, and Sparkie and all the toys at home. So please keeping posting here!

Monday, July 17, 2006


I don't know why is says I am inkpot!, I am Marvin

Marvie speaks

Hello All. Mango very kindly invited me to join her blog as a team member, so I accepted. It is beautiful weather here in Blackrock and all the toys are enjoying the coolness of Iseult's room. I am looking forward to going on holidays in a few weeks time. I haven't been on holidays for a while, so it will be nice and I hope the weather stays fine. I'm new to this blogging sort of thing, so if you have any tips, let me know!

Membership Rules!

I think the following rules are the most important when it comes to joining the Disresponsible Nodpots:
1. Recognising Mungo's brilliance
2. Fav book must be Leaf
3. Being an enthusiastic toy, preferably a monkey, who has written extensively and admiringly about Mungo
4. Being an active nodpot with at least one poem to her credit
5. Have Mungo's total approval for membership Therefore I think I qualify totally, and I hope to become a member at Christmas (in time for the vote)!

Excitment mounts!

We are all very excited here! The holiday list has been finalised and the lucky winners are ...
And some others...
There's lots of disappointment among the other toys but Tottie and me are thrilled to pieces!

We're all going on Summer Holidays!

We're all going on a summer holiday - no more blogging for a day or two! This time four weeks we'll be battling the wilds of the northern lands, fighting monsters and having fun!
Hope you're coming too, Jayne - I like to box - do you?

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Does Sparkie sparkle?

Sparkie, why do you not want me to join? What have you got against me? Did I annoy you? I'm really sorry!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Warning to Mango

Don't do it! Mango, dont start a blog - your chances of getting int othe DNs will be ruined! Give it up now!

Hi Mango!

I know I'm not a toy - but you did invite me to post! Oh - it was just a test? Well it works! Good work!

Calling all toys!

I want to see all the toys get together and have fun on my blog! I'm going to make a membership club for thsi blog that we call all share and log all our thoughts, especially those about Mungo! I'm also going to keep you posted on all the doings in this house, and what Tottie and myself and all our friends get up to! I want a website with lots of poems about Mungo on it, and lots of photos of him, and tributes to him - so come on, toys of the world! Get posting!

Mango's Hero!

My hero is Mungo! He is the greatest, most wonderful toy that ever lived! ♥♥♥
Here is a picture of him - isn't he handsome?

Who is Tottie?

Tottie is my best friend. She is a giant rabbit! This is her photo!

Me again!

Oops - that wasn't great!
This is a better photo of me! (Tottie took it!)

It's Me!

Hi! It's me, yes, Mungo, it's really me - Mango!
At last I have my own blog!
This is a picture of me!