Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Tottie and I had a really wonderful experience on Saturday - We saw MUNGO!

Even better, we talked and chatted to him, and spent quite a lot of time with him, especially in the evening when the conference was over.

Oh, it was at the DN Fight to Write conference! Mungo naturally was a guest speaker - he is king of the Nodpots after all! - and he got us jobs there so we could be with him to see him and hear him!

Sigh!! It was lovely....

Here are some photos. I was chief photographer, although other members of the team kept grabbing the camera off me.
Here we are, waiting for the conference to begin!

Doesn't he look handsome, sitting on his throne?

Don't we look great together???

Wednesday, March 07, 2007


What wonderful news! I've never heard anything better!

Mungo, you are SOOOOOOOO wonderful!

Did you all hear?

Mungo's fabulous new book "Mango" is finished!!

I'm so happy!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Sometimes people take it for ganted - I mean, everybody knows Mungo is absolutely fantastic in every way - but we forget to tell him.

Look at generous he was to Sparkie!

Sparkie promised the Nodpots hundreds of years ago that he would get a gavel for Marvin.

Sadly, he was unable to do so - until Mungo kindly helped him out
And he did this, knowing that he was helping Sparkie to get loads and loads of points! Helping a rival for the DNOTY 2007 - isn't that the most generous thing you EVER heard?

No wonder he's my hero!!