Tuesday, February 06, 2007


I've been so busy since I came back to Dublin.

Mungo has promised to do a tour now that he is King of the Nodpots. Tottie and I have been going around telling EVERYONE about Mungo being DNOTY 2006. I never realised before that there were SO many people in Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown, and they all want to hear every detail of that wonderful night.

I could tell it over and over again - I love reliving every moment! It was the best night ever!

I haven't had much time since for updating my blog. That's why I put on some photos - just so people wouldn't think I was no longer updating, and stop checking it.

But I know people aren't interested in those things - they only want news of Mungo!

Who could blame them??


Mungo said...

You managed to go to the beach, you mustn't have been too busy!

Your biggest fan said...

I love reading about your life, Mango. Don't write too much about Mungo, he is boring. Post more photos and write more about your life.