Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Where is Mango?

Mango went to Blackrock recently to visit Mungo. She was accompanied by her best friend, Tottie.

Now Mango, Tottie, Mungo and Miss Monkey are missing.

Iseult, who was in loco parentis to Mango and Tottie, denies any knowledge of their whereabouts.

A police investigation is about to begin.

If you have seen any of these missing toys, please let me (or Bobby) know!


a blackrock seagull said...

I saw a couple of monkeys on a balcony in the horrible flats on the seafield road.

passerby said...

I think they might be with the executive flats on the Dublin Road in Dundalk

DKIT student said...

They were spotted in the library of the DKIT on Monday evening. I followed them to the Samba band, but lost then after that. I think they got into a sports car.

Valinora Troy said...

Oh No! Where are they?

(Hmm - sports cars - executive flats...Sounds like they're doing okay!)

Anonymous said...

I think they're for sale on ebay