Tuesday, January 16, 2007

2007 - Year of Mungo!

Well, I've being saying it, he's being saying it but now it's official - MUNGO IS GREAT!!!!!

As voted by the Disresponsible Nodpots, Mungo is Disresponsible Nodpot of the Year 2006, which means for 2007 he is the Champ. The King. Master of the world.

I said that he would do it, and indeed he did!

We're in Blackrock at the moment, touring a tour for the fans, a sort of lap of honour, but I will be back in Dublin soon, ready to reveal the whole story.


A Fan said...

So glad to hear from you again Mango, you have been quiet for too long

Mango said...

Thank you , A Fan, glad to hear it!

See you soon with regular updates!

Alemap said...

yeah Mango is back on line - its a bit a long wait. great you are back - please post daily to inspire the dull lives of me.