Thursday, January 25, 2007


Finally the big night arrived - December 31st!

Mummy Iseult prepared a lovely meal, and her room looked great. The nodpots all dressed in their best, and everyone looked forward to a fun filled night.

Mungo exchanging jokes with fellow nominee Parsley

After the meal was devoured, the excitement mounted. Mummy Valerie kept going round saying "I hope Mungo won't be too disappointed!" I think she really felt concerned but she shouldn't have worried.

Mummy Iseult showing her steady hand shortly before the vote

It was getting close to the finale of the night. Tottie and I were nervous, the fur of our paws damp... Would justice be done that night?

Mungo remained his insouciant self.

Graciously acknowledging his fans before the result

Three soft flat packages appeared, one for Mungo, one for Mummy Iseult and one for Mummy Valerie (strangely none for Marvin and Parsley, the other two nominees).

Then the cup was placed on the table, a strip of paper covering the name of the winner.

A hushed silence fell.

Together, Mummy Iseult and Mummy Valerie seized one end of the paper each, and - ripped it off. The winner was ... MUNGO!

Mummy Iseult was devastated.

Mummy Iseult moves aside while the toys congratulate Mungo

But we did our best to console her.

We knew that justice had been done, though, and although we felt sorry for Mummy Iseult not making her three in a row, we are still celebrating!


Even Marvin looks thrilled!


Mango's BIGGEST fan said...

You're the best, Mango. You should be published. If you were a nodpot, you would win DNOTY 07

Mango said...

Thank you, fan - it's nice to know someone likes my blog!

pinky said...

Mungo you look soooooooooooooooo cute xxxxx