Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Sometimes people take it for ganted - I mean, everybody knows Mungo is absolutely fantastic in every way - but we forget to tell him.

Look at generous he was to Sparkie!

Sparkie promised the Nodpots hundreds of years ago that he would get a gavel for Marvin.

Sadly, he was unable to do so - until Mungo kindly helped him out
And he did this, knowing that he was helping Sparkie to get loads and loads of points! Helping a rival for the DNOTY 2007 - isn't that the most generous thing you EVER heard?

No wonder he's my hero!!


Mungo said...

The issue of points never even came into it, I just wanted to help out my fellow nodpot. That is the kind of monkey I am. Thanks Mango for the recognition.

Your Biggest Fan said...

Mango, when are you and Tottie going to post your birthday list? Time is ticking and I want to know what to get you

a very sad fan said...

Mungo you never came down to say hello to me at the weekend - i am very sad :(