Friday, April 27, 2007


Just want to post a few photos to show everyone what a wonderful day it was - then I'm back to read Mango again!

I hope they make a film of it. I wonder who will play the leading roles???

Tottie is standing guard on the door before Mungo's brilliant new book is launched - with one ear flopping over her eye, she looks like Cotty, doesn't she????

The wonderful author of Mango: The Unlucky Monkey and my hero! How handsome he is... *** Sigh***

Here he is again!!! With a copy of his new book before him, about to read from it and entertain and edify the huge crowd who have come to listen to Mungo...

And now he reads to us... (What a wonderful profile!)

This is a nice photo, isn't it? See how Mungo is looking after Tottie!


Inkpot said...

What lovely photos. I'm glad you like Mango so much, Mango.

Mungo said...

Hi Mango and Tottie. A lovely post, lovely photos and great description of the book launch. You are a talented pair! Mungs xxx

Mango said...

Oh, Mungo - you're such an inspiration to us!

I hope you love Mang o too, Mummy?