Tuesday, May 08, 2007


I have just finished reading Mango: The Unlucky Monkey non-stop since the wonderful book launch... It's so BRILLIANT! It's really hard to put down.

I am going to catch up on my sleep now (but I know I'll be dreaming of the jungle and Leaf and Jewel and Mango and Cotty and Rainbow and all the others...)
Before I go, here are a few pics I meant to post before:

Details of the fabulous I WANT TO BE LIKE MUNGO competition (as if anyone could!) But I think everyone should enter!

Tottie watching over copies of the book during the book launch (wait til you see her for Tottie: The Demon Rabbit Slayer - she'll be packing a lot of armour that day!)

One of my favourite photos from the day!!!

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Alemap said...

Hi Mango - i love your blog - please keep blogging. tell us abit about your day, your dreams etc.