Saturday, July 15, 2006

Does Sparkie sparkle?

Sparkie, why do you not want me to join? What have you got against me? Did I annoy you? I'm really sorry!


Sparkie said...

I have nothing against you personally, Mango, but if you were allowed join you would: -
1. Decrease the superior ratio of bears to Monkeys
2. Increase the ratio of active members and thereby make me look even more lazy than I already do
3. Fill up meeting times with talk of Mungo
4. Give Mungo an unfair advantage in the Nodpot trophy votes
5. Be very lively and chatty at the annual meeting I attend and perhaps disturb the nap I like to take during the speeches.

Mango said...

Sparkie, these all may be valid points but the important thing is what Mungo wants! He is the most productive and wonderful nodpot EVER!

Tottie said...

There's a very unfair bias for monkeys and bears! This is the year of the Super Rabbit!

Anonymous said...

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